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Alexandre Nicolas, French plastic artist, has a fascination for the modeling of raw materials. These experiments led him to search for new materials, until the discovery of the synthesis crystal. He will therefore multiply the tests and daring on this topic capricious.


The artist has found in the inclusion resin a special material, the synthetic crystal, which allows to create a kind of suspension of time. It is a matter of perfect transparency and exceptional strength, which represents a real technological challenge and can fix things in the moment. Alexandre Nicolas works on his personal icons and superheroes who are for him a modern transcription of mythology. The fetus, floating in resin and at the same time completely imprisoned by technology, is delivered to our critical eye by calling us as the mirror of our consumer society. In the ever-changing era of the image, Alexandre Nicolas presents to us, inside the crystal case of synthesis, the fetuses of the superheroes of our childhood, and invites us to dream together to take hand of our own destiny in particular and that of a whole humanity in the making. The series "VERSUS" extends to the field of myths and legends, stemming both from civil society and creation, and resides in oppositions of destinies, it depicts popular figures who clash. Of the chosen subjects, only one is real (Yurifoetus): it is the emotional and cultural counterweight to imaginary and esoteric creatures. The characters are fully integrated into our culture, they return sympathy.