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LUDO is a French painter born in 1976 deriving from the street art movement. He graduated in sociology and took design and communication courses in Milan, Italy. He currently lives and works in the Paris region.


As a teenager, he is passionate about skateboarding, devouring 1980s magazines and collecting punk-rock flyers. He learns street art by posing his tag everywhere in the streets of Paris.


He is now well known for his street interventions where he fuses organic and technological elements on XXL collages, to give life to all kinds of insects: electronic butterflies, bees equipped with a gas mask ... but also hybrid flowers and green skulls. Acting with pencil lead and oil painting, Ludo combines mechanical and plant objects to transform them into hybrid creatures. These works are drawn with the precision of botanical illustrations.


His favorite color is repeated in each of his creations: an apple green almost acid ... which has become over time its visual signature. Like the artist Klein, who has copyrighted his blue Klein, Ludo wants to do the same with his green.


The coexistence of these universes at once organic and robotic, gives a paradoxical visual result: harmonious and chaotic.