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Born in 1964, Eric Liot is successively a painter, sculptor, assembler and collagist. As many disciplines and techniques of creation that establish today as an accomplished artist.


Its galaxy, it oscillates between the Campbell Box or the worlds of Warhol. For twenty years, the man has emerged as a recovery of images. Impregnated with the works of the artists of the Narrative Figuration such as Errò, Télémaque or Peter Klasen, Eric Liot, like his elders, works in the moment, feeding on images and everyday characters to fix our icons contemporary. We meet indifferently our favorite heroes, Super Man Che, the usual figures of consumption such as Bibendum or the box Campell, or characters from cartoons, movies, or video games. The artist uses and abuses all this small world to build all kinds of singular and representative metaphors of our time.


But the originality of Liot is to multiply the possibilities by including in a work several images in order to telescope temporalities, spatialities and personalities of different nature. Thus in "The time of the colonies" the figure of Banania attached to a body of Xmen is cut on a background of toile de Jouy! So again, collage and puzzle all at once, his "Mickey trash" appears as the singular image of a kaleidoscope.


Like all painters who have fun rushing our eyes in the maze of all kinds of space games, Eric Liot takes pleasure in bringing up a character of this disorder perfectly mastered! Liot is firmly rooted in the tradition of found object and assembly. It subtracts the objects to their original utility end and adds a new plastic quality to them. The bottom of wood then serves him as canvas. He then settles in the perspective of painting. Yet thanks to successive layers cut to the dimensions of the subject glued, it drifts little by little towards a low relief that one could describe as "painting-sculpture"!


Contemporary by excellence, Eric Liot confirms, through this new exhibition, his artistic talent full of imagination and originality, always guided by this innate taste of derision.