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Erro He studied art from 1949 to 1954 in Reykjavik, then Oslo in Norway and Florence in Italy. In 1955 he entered the School of Mosaic of Ravenna. He moved to Paris in 1958 where he met artists, writers and critics linked to the surrealist movement: Breton, but also Matta, Brauner, Masson, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Miro and Duchamp.


In 1962, he published Mecanismo, mecanifeste, 100 mechanical poems, and a manual of mechanics for the college Mecascience for the average mécacours. In 1962-1963, he made sets and masks for Éric Duvivier's film Concerto mécanique pour la folie ou la folle mécamorphose. Between 1964 and 1967, he made his first film Grimaces.


From 1963 to 1965: Erró participates in artistic interventions with his friend Jean-Jacques Lebel. He himself is the author of several artistic interventions. In October 1963, he inaugurated a solo exhibition with the happening "Les Critiques d'art". At the American Center in Paris in 1964, he directed the happening Gold Water.


In 1982, he is invited to realize a giant fresco in Angoulême. In 1986, he represented Iceland at the Venice Biennale.


In 1989, he made a large donation of works of art and personal archives to the City of Reykjavik. This fund is managed by the Reykjavik Art Museum (Reykjavik Art Museum).