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Hervé Di Rosa born in Sète in 1959 in the south of France, was one of the main craftsmen of the French artistic movement of the "Free Figuration", in 1978, he leaves his hometown for Paris, where he settles with his friend painter Robert Combas. They renewed the painting in the 1980s, an uninhibited painting emerged, often borrowing from comics, Punk Rock, Graffiti but also science fiction, advertising and television (simple images and colored.).


Di Rosa enrolled at the National School of Decorative Arts and in 1980, first publications of his works in French magazines. He lives and works in Paris but travels the world (Mexico, USA ...) in search of new inspirations and also to exhibit in many foreign galleries.


During his travels in foreign countries, he creates works inspired by the culture of the country in which he finds himself and by using their means of expression (Paintings on skins of zebu or lamb strained in 1995 in Ethiopia, Work of lacquer and mother-of-pearl technique in Vietnam in 1995 in the workshop of master lacquerer Lê Nghieem in Binh Duong ....).


In 2000, in Sète, opens the Yum, the International Museum of Modest Arts, project conceived and directed by Di Rosa. The principle is to expose any object that has been designed, designed and manufactured and that Modest Art therefore considers a work of art in its own right.