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CEDRIX CRESPEL born February 9, 1974, is from Guérande. At first as a designer draftsman in a design office, then an art collector, he quickly moved towards a much more creative expression such as design, interior design, photography, music and above all painting. that he has always practiced.


This atypical course makes it an emblematic artist of a generation from pop culture, rock, urban, open to his time. Resolutely contemporary, her work absorbs and mixes these influences and draws a surprising energy and sophistication. The works of Cédrix CRESPEL explore, between sweetness and violence, the contemporary feminine where the woman is staged in a symbolic universe in a laudatory way. Its flawless Glycéro perfect dishes give an icy impression contradicted by the energy of colors, a mechanical realization that excludes all vulgarity. Her work shows women who have a singular graphic scrambling on the faces because her only goal is to paint femininity in its broad sense. All of his work seduced by the richness of his analysis and his energy. The world of Cédrix CRESPEL transports us into a painting freed from all sociology. 2011: edition of a monograph by AD GALERIE, a 144-page book written by Renaud Faroux and prefaced by Philippe Huart. EXHIBITIONS 2015: exhibition at the Red Garden, Marrakech 2013: exhibition "JOIE" AD Gallery MONTPELLIER 2012: Exhibition "BullS, HorseS and GirlX" AD GALLERY BEZIERS 2011: Exhibition "Outside, parking ..." AD GALLERY BEZIERS 2010 Gallery Art lounge Birmingham England 2009 Galerie Leslie's Barning Luxembourg Galerie Petitjean Aix en Provence Galerie Cri d art Metz 2008 The Moon Parachute Epinal Gallery Petitjean Aix en Provence 2007 Galerie Edgar The Art Dealer Paris 2006 Galerie Art on the move Naarden Holland Galerie Edgar The Art Dealer Paris 2005 Galerie Edgar the Art Dealer Paris FAIRS 2012: ArtNim St'Art, contemporary art fair of Strasbourg 2011 Art Elysées PARIS, international fair of contemporary art 2010 Lille art fair Lille AD Gallery European fair AAF Gallery Brussels Leslie barning 2009 European Fair St art Strasbourg Galerie Edgar International Fair AAF Brussels Galerie Edgar 2008 International Fair AAF Brussels s Galerie Edgar International Fair AAF London Galerie Petitjean 2007 European Fair St art Strasbourg Galerie Edgar.